Poetry Recital Competition 2017

Posted on Saturday, 04/Mar/2017
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The education committee organized the 5th Poetry Recital competition for the younger children.

The competition was held on Saturday 4th March 2017 at Aga Khan Academy Hall from 8.30 am – 11.30 am.

The groups were as follow:

  • Group A    for the 4-5 years old.
  • Group B    for the 5-6 years old.
  • Group C    for the 6-7 years old.

Invitations were sent out by email on Monday 13th February 2017 to the following schools.

  1.  Shree  Swaminarayan Academy.
  2.  Fort Jesus Academy.
  3.  Santokben Nursery.
  4.  Tiny Tots Kindergarten.
  5.  Little Flowers.
  6.  Aga Khan Nursery School
  7.  Jaffery Academy.
  8.  Mombasa Academy
  9.  Aga Khan Academy
  10.  Memon Academy
  11.  MSB  Educational Institute
  12.  Oshwal Academy
  13.  Coast Academy
  14.  Ocean View Nursery
  15.  Light Academy
  16.  Arya Nursery School
  17.  Busy Bee Nursery Nyali
  18.  Wima Complex Academy
  19.  Little Angels

All the above schools except for Light Academy, Busy Bee Nursery Nyali, Santokben Nursery, Wima Complex Academy, Little Angels, Shree  Swaminarayan Academy, Aga Khan Academy and Little Flowers took part. We had a total of  94 participants from 11 schools. Each group was given a choice of four poems to learn and recite.

The judges for the competition were Mrs Famida Janowalla and Mrs Rashida Khanbhai. 

All the participants were presented with a participation certificates. They were treated to soft drink and a snack.

Members attended the function.

  • President Lion Linda                    
  • Lion Kamaljeet
  • Lion Mayuri Patel                         
  • Lion Shoeb Ganiwalla
  • Lion Rashida Pirbhai                   
  • Lion Tasneem Dar

Thank you Lion Rashida Pirbhai for writing the certificates for the participants and Mrs Jamila Maloo for assisting to facilitate the event.

The winners from each group were given tokens as follows:

1st Prize  a voucher from Toy World of Ksh 2000/=
2nd Prize a voucher from Toy World of Ksh 1500/=
3rd Prize a voucher from Toy World of Ksh 1000/= 

1 Consolation prizes in each group voucher from Toy world of Ksh 500/= 

The following students were declared as winners in their relevant groups:

Group A 4-5 Years






Abdullah  Aabid 

Memon Academy


Abdullah  Saloo  

Jaffery academy


Ghufran Walid 

Aga khan Nursery school

Consolation Prize

Maimuna Mohamed

Ocean View Nursery School

Group B 5-6 Years







MSB Educational Institute


Imaan Khan

Oshwal Academy


Zahra Parpia  

Memon Academy

Consolation Prize

Reshma Amit

Arya Samaj Nursery


Group C 6-7  Years






Shaan Neer Shah

Oshwal  Academy


Ram  Shah

Tiny Tots Kindergarten


Jazmine Locklear  

Aga Khan Nursery School

Consolation Prize

Andrei De'lano      

Coast Academy

Both the judges were presented with a token of appreciation.

Lion Amena Ganiwalla
Lions Club of  Mombasa Bahari.

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