Handing Over Tenth Borehole

Posted on Sunday, 20/Nov/2016
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On Sunday 20th November 2016, Lions Club of Mombasa Bahari handed over their Third and Fourth Centennial Year (2016/2017) boreholes in Takaungu Village and Tezo Village both in Kilifi County and this being our Tenth and Eleventh boreholes. These two boreholes were very generously donated by a Well Wisher, which was done in Takaungu and Girls Scouts of San Jacinto Council, Houston, Texas - Way Out West Community Troop 1708 - Members: Insiyah Sulemanji, Emily Ridgaway, Harley Maldonado & Zinnia Crouch, which was done in Tezo. Just for clarification, the date on both the nameplates read 13th November 2016 as that was the actual handing over date but due to some unforeseen circumstances we could not do it on that day.

On arrival at the boreholes, we were welcomed with traditional songs and dances by the village people.

After a short introduction we were entertained by the village children and traditional dances by the elders. After a short address by the representatives of the two villages our President, Lion Linda Mariwa Shuma welcomed all the members for coming for the handing over ceremony. She also showed gratitude to the sponsor for their kind donations and told the village people to look after the boreholes and allow anyone to use it for free. She said that they should not misuse it and not to waste the water. In Tezo village she said Nancy Kadzo Ziro who is from this village and is now based in Dubai has been following us on Facebook had requested if we could sink a borehole in her village and that is how we came to this place. She also thanked Mr John Karuiki for sinking the boreholes complete with the pumps.

The village elders thanked the club, especially the donors for the boreholes. They said that this borehole will benefit around 3000 to 4500 people living in communities surrounding the villages.
If you have seen a great cause in this and wish to sponsor a borehole to change the lives of thousands of people, contact us to find out more!

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With the present drought in Kilifi County on Sunday 20th November 2016 the club members for their World Service Day Activity went with foodstuff to two villages, one in Takaungu and the other in Tezo where we donated maize-meal, beans, bread and tea to the village people and the children were given milk, biscuits and sweets. Total of 2000 village people together with children benefitted from the said activity.

This is in line with our International motto of “WE SERVE”, and “WHERE THERE IS A NEED THERE IS A LION”.

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