Breast Cancer Awareness Talk 2016

Posted on Thursday, 27/Oct/2016
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Lions Club Bahari Hold Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

As we are aware cancer is the third highest cause of morbidity in Kenya after infectious diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore Lions Club Mombasa Bahari did not hesitate in joining others in cancer activities.

On 13th and 14th October the club supported Tudor Sub County Hospital, in the Mombasa County initiative, of screening for breast, cervical and prostate cancer, where more than 200 people got screened.

Among other cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Kenya.

Due to this the Lion Ladies of the Club took it of great importance to educate women and girls through their Breast Caner Awareness Campaign.

On Thursday 27th October the club held a Breast Cancer Awareness talk at Jaffery Academy organised by its member Lion Tasneem Dar.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Convener, Lion Tasneem Gulamhusen, introduced Lion members who were present and invited Consultant Pathologist Dr. Shamina Jivaji, who facilitated the talk.

More than 100 girl students from the school and more than 10 parents attended this very educative talk whose emphasis was the importance of (B.S.E.) breast self-examining, each month as this is the main detector.

Other of importance is exercise, diet and weight.

The girls were very enthusiastic to learn and had over whelming questions, which could not be exhausted by Dr. Shamina.

The talk was further spiced by a cancer survivor who reiterated that cancer is not a death sentence.

Once one is diagnosed one has to live positive, with support from family and friends.

The Head Teacher of Jaffery Academy, Mrs. Valentine thanked the club for their time and initiative.

The head girl also thanked Dr. Shamina for the simple illustrative talk, which was well understood.

The Club President, Lion Linda Shuma thanked Dr. Shamina and the school and said the school holds a dear place in the club.

She commended them for their last year’s donation of Kshs.80000/- for the club’s cancer awareness campaign, which went to the treatment of a cancer patient.

Again the school on its own contributed to treatment of cancer patient. All in all, the club
was applauded for their awareness campaign to “protect the present and save the future”.

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