Tumaini Village Third Borehole


Members, spouses and the Haji family all headed to Tumaini Village, Shariani on Sunday 10th May 2015 for the handing over of the third borehole.

This borehole was sponsored by the family of Lions Maria and Akil Haji in memory of their late parents Asmabai and Badruddin Haji.

On arrival we were all entertained with traditional songs, dances, magic and an acrobatic show.

After a brief address by the elder of the village who said that they were very grateful to the club and the donor for digging a borehole in their area as it will serve about 3000 people and save our ladies and children from walking long distances to fetch water.

President, Lion Akil Adamjee in his address said that the club was very grateful to the Haji family for sponsoring the borehole. He told the people that they should use the water wisely and any person in the surrounding areas should be allowed to use it. After the address all were then invited for the handing over of the borehole.

The club is very thankful to the coordinator Mr. Virendra Dattani (local name: Charo Kahindi) and the contractor Mr. Karuiki for their support in making this plus two other borehole projects possible.