Malindi Medical Camp 2013

The Club held a MEGA OPERATIVE General Surgery and Gynaecology camp at TAWFIQ HOSPITAL, MALINDI from 15th to 17th February 2013. A total of 27 surgeries were carried out. Prior screening of the patients had been done and after routine pre-operative review, the surgical procedures began in earnest.

Nineteen major General Surgical operations were carried out by Lion Dr. Yusuf Palkhi, Consultant General and Laparoscopic Surgeon who is also the Medical Committee Convener of the club. Amongst the surgeries carried out, there were some very large Inguinal Hernias and Hydrocoeles.

Lion Dr. Mala M. Jamal, Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, performed eight major surgeries. These included total abdominal hysterectomies myomectomies and ovarian cystectomies.
During all these procedures, Lion Dr. Madhu Patel, Consultant Anaesthesiologist, took charge of providing the necessary anaesthesia and ensuring that the patients were well taken care of during and after surgery.

The onus of ensuring that all drug and fluid requirements for the patients was on Lion Dr. Imtiaz Ganiwalla, Club Pharmacist, and on Lion Dr. Subhash Shah. Their efficency was evident as there were no complaints from either the patients or the doctors. As a matter of fact, they also coordinated the smooth transfer of patients from and to the wards.

As always, the job of Coordinator-in-chief was in the good hands of Lion Zainul Dar, who, in conjunction with Lions Sunita and Tasneem made sure that everything was running smoothly and that the Doctors and Theatre staff received enough nutrients so as to keep them going during the marathon surgical procedures.

All in all it was a very successful camp and twenty seven major operations were performed, thus helping the needy patients from in and around Malindi.

Club President Lion Akil Haji would like to thank the management of Tawfiq Hospital for providing their hospital and the theatre facilities to the club free of charge. Special thanks to their manager, Mr. Ahmed and to Mr. Rashid. At the same time he would like to thank the theatre staff from Pandya and Mombasa Hospitals and all the staff of Tawfiq Hospital for their diligence and efficency. He would also like to thank Freight Forwarders Ltd who were the main sponsors of the camp. Sincere appreciations from the Club President and members of the Lions Club Of Mombasa Bahari to Mr. Moloo who provided free full board accommodation to the staff and members at Sai Eden Rock Hotel, Malindi.

We also had lots of moral support from Lion Maria Haji, Lion Shoeb Ganiwalla, Lion Taher Yusufali, Lion Reezwana Yusufali, Lion Mustafa Dar, Lion Mwami Se-Mayama and Zone Chairperson Lion Mary Mwami who attended the camp.

During the camp raw food materials worth Kshs.45000/- were donated to the hospital to supply meals to all patients admitted at that time. Thanks to Mini Bakeries Ltd for donating bread and buns.